This year Church of Hope will be running evangelism intensive schools and one-day evangelism training workshops to help train up and empower all Christians to become effective soul winners.

The Apostle Paul wrote, “And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, for the EQUIPPING of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ, till we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ;” (Ephesians 4:11-13)

After many years of street preaching the Lord has placed upon pastor Conrad's heart a great desire to run evangelism training schools and one-day workshops this year to help equip and mobilise many other Christians to become soul winners.

So far this year Pastor Conrad has completed two (4 Tuesday night) Evangelism Intensive Schools and a one-day evangelism training workshop in Liverpool with the help of others from our Church of Hope evangelism outreach team. Antony Jenaranjan, who leads our Thursday night outreaches in Blacktown, has videoed all of the sessions for the two evangelism schools and the one-day evangelism workshop.

Pastor Conrad is available to run evangelism training sessions for other churches and groups that have a heart to be further equipped in the area evangelism. Pastor Conrad can be best contacted through his email address churchofhope@hotmail.com or on his mobile 0413 483 858.

Below are the YouTube videos for all of the sessions for the two (four Tuesday night) Evangelism Intensive Schools and the one-day evangelism training workshop in Liverpool. To download the teaching materials that are used in the Evangelism Intensive Schools, please click "HERE" to go straight to the DOWNLOADS page on our Church of Hope website.

Our prayer is that the following video teachings will be a great blessing for all those who watch them and that they will help people to become more effective in sharing their faith with others.



Tuesday the 9th of February (Session One)

- Introduction

- The Gospel of Grace


Tuesday the 16th of February (Session Two)

- The absolute importance of prayer

- Five effective ways of evangelising in street outreaches

- Some keys to effectively preaching the gospel

- Some keys to sharing our faith one-on-one effectively

Tuesday the 23rd of February (Session Three)

- Power Evangelism (Practicing God's presence in our life)

- The importance of all that we do being undergirded by love

- How to share our Testimony effectively

- Using the law to point people to Christ


Tuesday the 2nd of March (Session Four)

- How to communicate the gospel message clearly to others

- Kingdom Power

- The importance of being baptized in the Holy Spirit

- There are many ways to evangelise others

- The importance of GOING. The harvest is ripe NOW 



Tuesday the 13th of April (Session One)

- Introduction for April 2021 School (Click "HERE" to download notes)

- The gospel of grace

- Sharing our testimony


Tuesday the 20th of April (Session Two)

- Having greater power in our Christian walk

  (Click "HERE" to download notes)

- Praying for divine appointments. The importance of prayer

- Some keys to being effective in one-on-one evangelism

- Understanding humanity

- Using the law to help people to come to faith in Christ


Tuesday the 27th of April (Session Three)

- Introduction (Hope / Practicing God's presence / Miracles)

  (Click "HERE" to download notes)

- Some keys to using and distributing gospel tracts effectively

- An example of a good tract with a clear gospel message 

- Depending on and being led by the Holy Spirit in our witnessing

- Christian Apologetics (Keeping our focus on Christ)

- Testimony from Allan Valdaris - Combining work and evangelism in life


Tuesday the 4th of May (Session Four)

- Introduction (We need a Spirit filled revival, The importance of seeking

                        God and not being distracted by the things of this world,

                        Why the early church grew rapidly, How we can help to

                        promote unity in our fellowships)

                        (Click "HERE" to download notes)

- Some keys to preaching the gospel - Jesus is the answer

- Signs and wonders as we preach the gospel

- Testimony from Antony Jenaranjan (God's favour when you serve Him)

- Act of kindness (help to soften people's hearts to receive the gospel)

- The two experiences of the Holy Spirit

- The importance of being baptized in the Holy Spirit

- We must simply "GO" The harvest is ripe NOW

- Concluding thoughts and prayer from Pastor Shalen                       




One Day Evangelism Training Workshop

Lighthouse Christian Centre, Liverpool


     Jesus is the only hope for humanity     

     Our focus needs to be on reaching out to the lost

     The importance of taking church to the people

     The importance of having outreach teams

     The importance of being flexible and Spirit led in all that we do

- The importance of having God's love and compassion for the lost

- We need to have a genuine love for all believers. A key to unity

- The need to continually grow stonger in our own Christian walk

- The importance of commitment and consistency in sharing our faith

- Our love for Christ needs to be our greatest priority in life

- The importance of prayer (Praying for divine appointments)

- Study and preparation: A great key to preaching effectively

- The importance of memorising scriptures 

- Understanding humanity. A great key to effective preaching

- Jesus is the answer. All that we need is found in Christ

- Depending upon the Holy Spirit