Wagga Wagga City and Country NSW Outreaches



Neil and Pam Harvey have a real burden to bring a message of hope to those who live in the more marginalised areas of Wagga Wagga. For many years Neil and Pam have ministered to the less advantaged people in Sydney and Wagga Wagga and in particular to those in the Aboriginal Community. Neil and Pam have recently been commisioned as the area pastors for Church of Hope in Wagga Wagga. Church of Hope is affiliated with the Australian Christian Churches Assemblies of God in Australia.

Neil and Pam have commenced weekly outreaches in Tolland and will be looking at finding a suitable Hall to run Worship meetings in the near future. Neil and Pam have a real Kingdom of God outlook and would encourage anyone interested in being a part of these outreaches to join their team. Neil can best be contacted on 0421 464 107 if you are interested in knowing more about these outreaches.




WEEKLY BBQ OUTREACHES (Serving the Community)

Church of Hope held its first BBQ outreach in the Tolland Community on Sunday the 7th of August. Around 60 people from the local community attended this outreach and enjoyed a time of food and fellowship. Several also openly talked about the Lord as they enjoyed listening to worship music in the background.

Many families attended with their children and teenagers and enjoyed the egg and bacon rolls that were served out. Thanks to all the volunteers who turned up to assist with the cooking and serving of tea, coffee, biscuits and Milo. The generosity of other Christians was overwhelming. As a team we can achieve much. The second outreach on Sunday the 14th of August was also a huge success. All Christian volunteers have been amazed at the number who have turned up at these community outreaches and have found it relatively easy to engage with those who have attended. All Christians are welcome to join our outreach teams. Please contact Neil Harvey on 0421 464 107 to know more about these weekly Sunday afternoon BBQ outreaches.




Donations can be made into either of the following two CBA accounts to support these community outreaches:


Church of Hope (NSW) Wagga Wagga (To help meet ministry expenses such as providing bibles and study notes and buying microphones and sound equipment to minister the word)

BSB No. 06 2600    Account No. 1058 9681    or


Church of Hope Care (NSW) Wagga Wagga (To assist in the purchase of food for the outreaches, the provision of emergency short term accommodation, to help supply clothing and blankets to those in need and to assist in the payment of school expenses in emergencies)

BSB No. 06 2600    Account No. 1058 9702

(All donations into this account are Tax Deductible)