This February we completed our first one month (4 Tuesday nights) Evangelism Intensive School. We will be holding our next one month Evangelism Intensive School commencing from Tuesday the 13th of April at the Lighthouse Christian Centre, 10/171-173 Power Street, Glendenning. The sessions for this Evangelism Intensive School will commence at 7.00 pm and will also be live streamed. To know more about the April Evangelism Intensive School please call Pastor Conrad on 0413 483 858 or alternatively you can email him at churchofhope@hotmail.com

Below are the YouTube Videos for the four Training Sessions that were held over the course of the four Tuesday nights of the February Evangelism Intensive School. To download the teaching materials that were used in this Evangelism Intensive School, please click "HERE" to go straight to the DOWNLOADS page on our Church of Hope website

Our prayer is that the following video teachings will be a great blessing for all those who watch them and that they will help people to become more effective in sharing their faith with others


Tuesday the 9th of February (Session One)

- Introduction

- The Gospel of Grace


Tuesday the 16th of February (Session Two)

- The absolute importance of prayer

- Five effective ways of evangelising in street outreaches

- Some keys to effectively preaching the gospel

- Some keys to sharing our faith one-on-one effectively

Tuesday the 23rd of February (Session Three)

- Power Evangelism (Practicing God's presence in our life)

- The importance of all that we do being undergirded by love

- How to share our Testimony effectively

- Using the law to point people to Christ


Tuesday the 2nd of March (Session Four)

- How to communicate the gospel message clearly to others

- Kingdom Power

- The importance of being baptized in the Holy Spirit

- There are many ways to evangelise others

- The importance of GOING. The harvest is ripe NOW